L’Occitane en Provence and Pierre Hermé Paris have trusted our brand for their new CCTV system. The shop is located on the most famous avenue in the world. Novadis, DDS partner in France, has equiped the ‘‘86 Champs Elysées” in Paris. The Amadeus 8 installation integrates Jet controllers, Hid readers, OnSSI Ocularis video surveillance system and AXIS cameras.

The shop on the 86 Champs Elysées is the result of a collaboration between

L’Occitane en Provence and Pierre Hermé Paris. Both brands brought to life a unique concept, a store where gastronomy and cosmetics meet. The avant-garde address is reinventing the codes of cosmetics and pastry.

Mr. LACOSTE Olivier, Project Manager responsible of the setting up of the shop comment

“We were in security in a record time. The project was up and running in three months. The stakes evolved with the project, that’s why we needed a partner capable of sound technological services with, at the same time, flexibility for the adjustments. The major advantages of the DDS / ONSSI solution are the ergonomics and the simplicity of the solution, as well as the high level of technical and functional aspects. The instinctive side and ease of utilisation were decisive criterions of decision! The important thing for us is to make the tool accessible to people who are not in the security business. The openness and the technologies made it possible to make cohabiting access control and video systems in all transparency in the store of the Champs Elysées and in the near-by offices.”