DDS team, with the help of UX consultants, has designed Amadeus 8 software with the operator experience in mind. Amadeus 8 approach is based on three task groups corresponding to three types of users: Set-up for the installers, Management for the security and company manager, and Security for the guards. The features available for each type of user are specific to its specific duties.


Configure the system’s parameters in a more simple and powerful way than ever.

Infrastructure: Rely on the setup wizard to build the site in a straightforward process. Create controllers, and all their parameters by default, for access and lift.

Time Zone: Define the time periods in which system functions will be activated.


Access: Supervise cardholders’ access points, time authorisations and assigned access groups. 

Video: Construct the logical video tree structure. Amadeus 8 integrates DVR’s and NVR’s from numerous video partners. 

Alarm Zone: Define groups of inputs that will be armed / disarmed together. 

Global Reflexes: Set up complex, flexible cause and effect rules with a deceptively simple user interface. 

Position – Graphic Module: Create a virtual representation of the physical elements (door, inputs…), as well as of the predefined actions, with dynamic icons layered on top of maps. 

Badge Templates: Personalise badges as you please. 

Options: Manage appearance, behaviours, and file location preferences with an easy swipe of YES/NO buttons and drop down list selections.

Diagnostics: Consult sophisticated diagnostic tests and solution tools.


Enable power day-to-day users to keep the site configuration up-to-date.

Create badges. Update their status.

Create cardholders. Add personal information and photo. Attribute access groups, escort, anti-passback levels… Assign multiple badges of different technologies, including biometry. Match and print personalised badges.
Profiles: Group users sharing the same screens’ authorisations.

Define categories of users benefiting from specific screens authorisations.
Departments: Divide the company into subgroups.

Event History:
Consult and print concise, legible reports of the occurring events.

Time & Attendance:
Generate time sheets for a given period and selected cardholders


Control the system with DDS’s next generation security platform. Act upon events and videos in real-time to secure your installation.

Display Events:
Consult the graphic representation of alarm and access with a full level of interaction (acknowledge, confirm, flip card for more info…)

Event Log:
Refer to the extensive events’ information in a tabular display.

Display Photo:
Identify cardholders according to their photos.

Alarm Zones:
Arm and disarm alarm zones status which is governed by weekly programs or reflexes.

Perform camera related monitoring operations directly from Amadeus 8 CCTV client. View live feed and playback video records. Compare videos/pictures side by side. Take snapshots. Control a PTZ enabled camera.

Security Center:
Handle security from the dynamic Amadeus 8’s security center, which manages the site’s access and alarm graphically, emulating a supervisor.

Roll Call:
Consult the real time list of cardholders present on the site