Amadeus 8 task-oriented approach and use of modern development tools anticipate user’s interactions.


3 Task Groups – Setup, Management and Security 

– boost user’s experience by enabling selective access to the screens pertaining to user responsibilities

Powerful Infrastructure

– One file license installation setup: Install the full license, including the SQL database, in one click

– Setup wizard: Configure the whole system through a few clicks, in a couple of minutes.

– Tree infrastructure view: Locate easily the physical elements, organised in a tree view.Type text her

Modern Development Tools
Agile© software development methodology and the latest programming tools, Microsoft© WCF/WPF and Telerik©, create an intuitive interface with colossal capacity.

Service-oriented Architecture
– SQL database: Amadeus 8 supports MS SQL Server version 2008 or higher

– Windows Service

The intuitive look and feel of the graphic interface improves the visual experience.

Personalised Layout

– Dock screens: Drag and drop several windows and display them in a tile layout of a single screen.
– User authorisations: Personalise the screen by choosing the data to display for specific users.
– Multi-lingual per log-in: Interface with Amadeus 8 in the user’s selected language.
– Multi-task: Work with multiple screens simultaneously.

Smart Data Filtering
– Table flexibility: Group by criteria, drag & drop by column, filter through the funnel…
– “Search as you type“ tool: Get search results in real time, as the list of possibility decreases when more letters are entered.
– Reports: Create, export and print reports based on filtered tables.

Real-time Notification
– Act upon status changes in real-time through the dashboard and the security center.

– Get a tooltip message when reaching license’s limit.