Choose Our Comprehensive Alarm Controllers

Receive am alarm controller that truly boosts the potential of your business. As a specialised company, we serve installers throughout the UK. You receive cutting-edge products, which then allows you to pass value on to your customers. Each controller has a range of benefits, from alarm monitoring to CCTV activation, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

The reduced installation/maintenance and excellent return on investment are always proven. DDS’ controllers integrate several cutting-edge innovations and are packed with amazing features.

Smart is designed for medium-size installation as well as for more sophisticated multi-site installations. This innovative controller is powered directly by the TCP/IP network and fits Din rail installations.

Open is a cost-effective security solution for doors, parking, and interlock. It benefits from the wealth of features of the powerful Amadeus 8 software.

TPL suits all high-security environments, requiring integrated on-line access control and alarm monitoring, from medium-size to complex multi-sites installations.

JET, DDS latest controller, has been developed to provide a high performance on-line access control and alarm monitoring solution for large and demanding installations.

DS216 offers an optimal solution for real-time monitoring of numerous alarm points. It provides the extra outputs used to trigger other devices such as lighting, CCTV matrix, etc.

This cost-efficient solution makes the controllers versatile and effective for applications involving lift control, locker control, CCTV matrix, etc.

The satellite card STLO has 16 additional outputs. It is possible to connect up to three satellites to each MEGA, TPL, JET or DS216, providing in this way 48 extra outputs to each controller.