The DS216 controller offers an optimal solution for real-time monitoring of numerous alarm points(PIR’s, fire detectors, etc.) and provides the extra outputs that can be used for triggering other devices such as lighting, CCTV matrix, etc.

The dedicated I/O controller has a high capacity. It directly controls 16 digital supervised inputs and 4 outputs. The capacity can be extended to 24 supervised inputs and 64 outputs (See table below).

Each input is supervised which means that it controls the contact itself (sensor under alarm or not) and the status of the line (normal, short or cut).

The controller internal memory can record 4K alarm events.

Programming and supervision of the DS216 are extremely user-friendly via the use of Amadeus 5 software. Once programmed, the operating tables are downloaded to the DS216 and define the system behaviour:
– Inputs physical status: ‘N.O.’ or ‘N.C.’
– Input state: ‘Armed’ or ‘Disarmed’, either manually or according to time zones
– ‘Reflexes’: activation of one or several outputs upon detection of specific input(s) status

Communication channels are multiple:

– Serial RS232 or RS485 communication port
– Optional second RS485 communication bus – especially developed for redundant communication, alarm event mode, global reflex without PC, global APB without PC or satellites connection
-TCP/IP on-board interface, in option

The DS216 can be mounted on DIN rails.

The DS216 can be used alone or mixed on a single network with other DDS controllers.