Galaxy 3© series have been integrated within Amadeus 8.

Honeywell’s Galaxy alarm panels are fully integrated intruder and access control security solutions. They bring a new level of ease and flexibility to mid to large sized, Grade 3 security systems.

The Galaxy alarm panel is defined as a new controller within Amadeus 8. The integration is built to handle a large number of alarm panels to work in parallel.

Since each communication server works as a separate process, many Galaxy devices can work in parallel without affecting the Amadeus 8 performance.

Each Galaxy alarm panel can manage up to 520 alarm zones.
The required points are defined automatically at installation together with the time programs associated.

The points are processed by Amadeus 8 and shown in the security center.

The alarm events are sent to the Amadeus 8 in event mode, which gives a faster response time, compared to polling mode. Alarm events from the inputs are displayed on the log screen.

The Galaxy groups can be armed and disarmed in a single command, according to the authorisations granted.

The communication to each panel is managed by a new component, the “Galaxy service”, designed as an autonomous Windows service, which works independently from Amadeus 8.

Amadeus 8 is connected to the Galaxy panel via TCP/IP protocol.