Check card validity anywhere with DDS’s integration of the mobile reader MT-6330, from Partner Tech.

The mobile reader MT-6330 has been integrated with Amadeus 5 and DDS controllers. The mobile handset supports EM-Marine 125Khz on an Android platform, it can now be used as a reader with DDS solution. Each mobile reader can be configured to work in four areas. It can do the job of 4 readers as information is sent to Amadeus log with specification of the reader’s location.

The MT-6330 handset is the perfect choice for security personnel on scheduled patrols or spot checks in a changing and fluid environment.

  • Android 6.0 operating system
  • Retina display with high resolution
  • 3G (WCDMA) 2G (EDGE, GPRS), HSPA + Wifi, BT and other wireless communcation modes
  • LF or HF NFC/RFID module for read/write of RFID tags
  • 1D/2D barcode reader, scanner window with Corning
  • Optional RFID: LF, HF, NFC
  • 1D/2D barcode reader
  • 6000mAh battery
  • 1-slot cradle for charging and data communication
  • 4-slot battery charger, silicon case, leather pouch